AG Thomson House

A.G. Thomson House signature Coffee mugs
Enjoy your morning cup in an A.G. Thomson House mug in a choice of 2 styles (footed or jr. executive) and 4 different colors. Colors include sage with a white top, butter, plum with a white top, and black with a white top. Jr. Executive style shown in picture.
A.G. Thomson House Wine Glasses
Celebrate your stay with these lovely wine glasses etched with a picture of the Inn. Wine glasses have a unique black stem.
A.G. Thomson House Christmas Ornaments
Celebrate the season with these adorable ornaments stamped with the image of our Inn in Burgundy or Sage.
A.G. Thomson House Soup Mugs
Savor your tasty soup in this classic 14 oz soup mug in glazed in a deep burgundy with marble glazed top.
A.G. Thomson House 1 QT Pitcher
This beautifully designed pitcher in a soft butter color is sure to suit you. Use it to serve juice, water, or your favorite beverage; or use to arrange fresh or dried flowers. Perfect 24 oz size.
A.G. Thomson House Tankard
This large (18 oz) and classic "beer mug" will hold that perfect micro brew, bottled, can or tap favorite. Or top it off with some morning coffee after a "little too much micro brew the night before." In a truly "pup-style" color of classic forest green with a white marbled glaze on top.
A.G. Thomson House Robe
Take a little A.G. home with you in this soft and snuggly A.G. Thomson House robe. Soft white waffle fabric with classic and stylish blue piping; beautifully embroidered. One size fits most.
A.G. Thomson House Specialty Coffee Blend
Now you can savor our specially blended coffee at home. We offer two specialty blends; one dark and one regular. Coffee comes packaged in 12 oz airtight bags.