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Hand Knit Hats
Soft, hand-knit hat handmade by local Kentucky artisan. 1 each of tan, ruby, purple multi.
Hand knit scarf
Beautiful, soft hand knit scarf by local Kentucky artisan. Red berry, red/blue, green/rose available. (see also Hand knit hat/scarf sets.)
Hand-knit hat/scarf set
Lovely coordinating hand-knit hat and scarf sets created by a local Kentucky artist. Support entrepreneurship at its finest by gifting these delightful sets. Blue denim set, green narrow set, white narrow set, green/rose set, red/blue set.
Birdhouse sticks - mini
Handpainted by Vermont artisans and brought home to Kentucky, these sweet sticks will adorn household planters, arrangements or just a sweet reminder of the season! specify fall, winter, neutral scene.
Designer Sticky-notes with Pen Set
No, we didn't make these, but they suited the organizational side of us so we just couldn't resist offering them to you at a sweet price!
Designer Thank you card sets
8 Pre-packaged cards with coordinating print envelopes. Specify yellow/lavendar butterfly or spring floral.
Decorative Journal
So many people have told us they are inspired just stepping foot inside the farmhouse, or journeying over our fields. We thought you might want to jot down some on the things that well up inside your soul. These also make great gifts or "one-for-each-of-ya" for Girls' Night Out Sleepovers at the B&B. 60 sheets per journal.
Gift/Hanging Tag sets
These pretty tags are perfect for nameplace cards for teas, gift tags, or scrapbooking. Hm...
Handmade Potholders
Vermont artisans handcrafted these decorative potholders. Too pretty to use, they may just be ornamental or decorative. Variety of scenes. Specify spring or winter.
Dual Rain Ponchos
Set of two prepackaged rain ponchos. Yellow and clear. Set these aside when visiting Country Girl at Heart Farm B&B for those spontaneous showers while antiquing nearby or exploring the fields.
Diet Forks
Oops - we ordered more than we needed, so we're passing the savings on to you. Monthly and weekly views with hours broken down by 15 minute segments each day. Black cover.
Warrior Poetes CD #3 - Anticipating Arrival
This is the latest collection from the three sisters also known as Warrior Poetes. Out-of-the-box pop rock at its finest with three part harmonies on top of the ladies' own musical accompaniment as well as some of Nashville's up-and-coming great artists and producers. 3 of 3 CDs.
Warrior Poetes CD #2 - Amplified
This CD from Warrior Poetes came out with a bang just one year after their first album. Same amazing harmonies and songwriting. Touches your heart and inspires your soul. 2 of 3 CDs.
Warrior Poetes CD #1 - Power, Love & A Sound Mind
Debut Album from three sisters who write and harmonize like no one else. Their hearts and souls will capture yours. Sweet and soulful with the additional Christmas classic, "O Holy Night". 1 of 3 CDs.
Animal Baby bowl with snap-on lid
Your little one will love this pink little "piggy" bowl with snap-on lid. Perfect for snacks in the car or saving for later. Of course, all future farmers really NEED this... :)and the price is right, so why not?
Animal Clear Plastic Tote Bag
Whether you've been to Country Girl at Heart Farm B&B yet or you're on your way, this little gem is perfect for your young'un. Just the right size and light-weight for them to carry a few paperbacks, small coloring books, crayons, and washable - in case they bring their apple cores in it out to feed the horses!
Suzi's Cider
32 oz. oversized bottles of Delicious Suzi's Cider. Made here in Kentucky, this 100% juice with added ingredients made from concentrate will sure to delight your guests or your hosts - however you choose to serve it. Try our favorite flavors: Bing Black Cherry Cider, Apple Cider, or Scuppernong Cider.
Kentucky Souvenir Packet
This artful souvenir packet combines historical pieces of a trip to Kentucky with the beauty reminiscent of its landscape. The 5"x5" folder contains 5 collaged drawings from Kentucky Artist Kathleen O'Brien featuring symbols of Kentucky, natural elements, and a goldenrod seed packet.
KY Artist Kathleen O'Brien Card Sets
Local and renowned artist Kathleen O'Brien unique expressions highlighting natures elements in soft hues and typesets warms the heart and inspires the soul. Send these will love. 4 Cards in a set.
Kentucky Seed Packets
Kentucky Artist Kathleen O'Brien adds practicality to whimsy by pre-packaging Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Seeds, Cut and Come Again Zinnia Seeds, and Goldenrod Seeds in a collage print of her own design. Perfect for gifts or a momento of Kentucky.
Country Girl's Own Cedar Sachets
Felled cedar during responsible logging on our own farm gave us the bright idea to make Cedar Sachets! Creatively packaged in scrap fabric, no two are the same and the light cedar scent will deter that musty smell if tucked in a drawer or hung in a closet. Large size is roughly 5" around. Mini's available, too!
Country Girl's Own MINI Cedar Sachets
Felled cedar during responsible logging on our own farm gave us the bright idea to make Cedar Sachets! Creatively packaged in scrap fabric, no two are the same and the light cedar scent will deter that musty smell if tucked in a drawer or hung in a closet. Large size is roughly 5" around. Mini's available, too!
Sweetie Pie Rag Dolls
These modern day cuties are ADORABLE! Brightly colored and softly huggable, they are sure to suit your daughter or neice as much as your Mom, Grandma or just your own cozy nook! Handcrafted and artist-made in Ohio.
Amish-made Antique Quilt 9x13 Tote
Talk about a perfect "re-purposing"! Our Amish friend has taken beloved old quilts - slightly worn but beautifully preserved - and handcrafted them herself into sturdy tote bags. We thought we might use them for carrying books to the book club, or notepads to the town meeting. 9"x13" each. Color varies.
Amish-made Chicken Pot Holders
Sold in sets of two, you'll enjoy these "crow-d"-pleasers as much as we do! Black/white polka-dot trim surrounds these tuscan colored feathered friends. Again,...they might be too pretty to use... sigh. 6.5"x6.5" each. Two in set.
Amish-made Baking Girl Potholders
So sweet. Sold in sets of two. Each potholder portrays a young girl baking. 60's print look with blue gingham and red/white polka dot border. Pre-printed, Amish made. 5.5"x5.5" each.
Amish-made Hankies
Pre-printed pretty posies decorate each hanky. Our Amish friend left these with us as part of our commitment to "green" - we've begun to use hankies ourselves instead of disposable tissues. Machine-washable and reusable. 10"x10". Multi-colored. Specify with pink, or with red.
Hand-crafted Plarn Bags
What is a plarn bag, you ask? (We did, too!) "This little bag is fun and very useful, too. It was made with plarn, Plastic bags I turned into yarn, from recycled store bags for you! It can be put in the washer, but not in the dryer. It will give years of life for stuff you desire." Hand-knitted by a family friend of ours in South Carolina, she recommends them for anything really, but we think they are a great grocery shopping bag. (washable!) 11"x12" with built-in handles.
Hand-crocheted Wrap/Shawl
Bolero-style artisan crafted shawl is delicately hand-crocheted from soft cotton/nylon thread by our Kentucky artist friend. Wear it as it is or appoint it with an heirloom pin. Colors: Platinum, Ruby Red, Copper, Topaz, or Sapphire. Threads have a sheen in some light. Allow 2-4 weeks for creation and delivery.
Hand-sewn Tea Cozies
A tea cozy wraps your teapot in warmth so you can sit and talk longer without having to get up and make a fresh pot! Hand-sewn by a local Kentucky artist, we use these tea cozies at the Bed and Breakfast and one man asked us about them because he thought his wife would love it! So, into the gift shop they went... Choose from various patterns: black, green, pink or blue. Multi. For small teapots.
"The-Seeds-Are-In-The-Card" Christmas/Holiday Card
Look at these! We loved them right away...our friends at Detweiler's Country Store shared these with us, since they don't carry cards, and they are "green" and fun and so Country Girl at Heart Farm. Each greeting card has a delightful scene printed on recycled paper using vegetable-soy inks in a recycled #5 package participating in the Tree Planting Program and made by a Certified Green Printer. You know what that means? ...Buy 2... Specify Christmas or Winter Holiday Greeting inside.
Anna's Kitchen Olde Fashion Jams
Amish recipe and local Amish made - Anna's Kitchen is locally and regionally renowned, and for good reason. 12 different flavors of jellies and jams perfectly compliment the meals here at Country Girl at Heart Farm Bed and Breakfast! Choose from Seedless Raspberry, Seedless Blackberry, Blueberry, Apple, Cherry, Pear, Strawberry Rhubarb, Strawberry, Grape, Peach, Raspberry and Blackberry. 1/2 Pint Jars (9.5 oz) Refrigerate after opening. Do contain sugar.
Swatara Creek Candles
Mmmm...these soy blend, hand-poured, highly fragranced candles are just the thing. These 8 oz. mason jars filled with good scents come in 3 different fragrance choices: Lemon Pound Cake, Perfect Pumpkin, Hawaiian Breeze.