Frost Pond Camps

Phone: 207-852-4700

FOR SAME DAY RESERVATIONS YOU WILL HAVE TO EMAIL AND CALL AND LEAVE A MESSAGE AND I WILL GET BACK TO YOU FOR AVAILABILITY. 207-852-4700 Please check the date that you wish to arrive and how many nights you wish to stay. We have a 2 night minimum stay in the cabins and some campsites. (1 night may be available in the bunkhouse cabins) All cabins and campsites are based on a per person per night basis, after the minimums are met. Minimums are based on adult pricing. The pricing for children applies only after the adult minimum occupancy has been met. The prices shown are base prices and may differ depending upon the number of persons staying. The prices shown are for spring and summer, fall prices are an additional 15%.(After October 1st) We reserve the right to move you to a different site or cabin if the need arises. This seldom happens, but every once in awhile we need to. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR 5 OR MORE NIGHTS AND THE SITE OR CABIN YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS NOT SHOWING AVAILABLE PLEASE CONTACT US SO THAT WE MAY ASSIST YOU.
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