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7_Nights_SUMMER {5/26/17 - 9/6/17}
5_Nights_SUMMER {5/26/17 - 9/6/17}
3_Nights_(OFF_SEASON_ONLY) {ALL other 2017 dates}

3 Night Memorial Day rentals are available for some Houses
This in NOT the same as "3_Nights_(OFF_SEASON_ONLY).
Call the office for prices if you are in doubt.

*** PETS_EXTRA_CALL_FIRST *** 800-610-0020 ***
Pets ok in MOST houses for a fee (Usually $75 +tax) & MUST be NAMED on the invoice
PLEASE, Do NOT try to sneak pets in. You will be ask to leave with NO REFUND.

Rates are ALL INCLUSIVE (including Taxes & Cleaning)
There are no additional charges (Except Pet Fees)

*PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to book via VRBO "Book It Now", they charge a service fee paid directly to VRBO. This fee is not collected by us and is NOT included in our quotes. There is NO ADDITIONAL SERVICE FEE when you book directly with us

Complete Vacancy Calendar for ALL houses

To make a reservation request, click on the Home of your choice listed below. This will take you to an online form where you will be asked to enter your name and address, how we may contact you, and any special requirements for your visit.

Our Availability   (last updated Aug 20, 2017 6:01:20 AM)
Arriving Friday • September 1, 2017 - Departing Monday • September 4, 2017
Home Name
 074 S - Songbird 3Br/2Ba *CU - 44*
Maximum Occupancy: 6.
 1238T - Tugaloo Park - 3BR/2ba *CU-34*
3_Night Memorial W/E ___$671.55___________ 7_Nights_SUMMER'17_____$1138.60___________ 5_Nights_SUMMER'17______$982.92___________ ***PETS_EXTRA_CALL_FIRST*800-610-0020*** __________________________ Maximum Occupancy: 4.
 158 H - Keowee Harbour - 4BR/3ba *CU-11*
3_Nights_(WINTER_ONLY)__$985.67___________ 7_Nights_SUMMER'17_____$1996.05___________ 5_Nights_SUMMER'17_____$1720.49___________ ************NO_PETS_ALLOWED************* _______________________ Maximum Occupancy: 8.
 167 F - Foothills Cabin - 2BR/2ba *CU-44*
3_Night Memorial W/E ___$594.50___________ 7_Nights_SUMMER'17______$972.50___________ 5_Nights_SUMMER'17______$846.50___________ ***PETS_EXTRA_CALL_FIRST*800-610-0020*** __________________________ Maximum Occupancy: 8.
 172 L - Lakeview Hacienda - 3BR/3ba *CU-34*
3_Night Memorial W/E ___$906.96___________ 7_Nights_SUMMER'17_____$1544.95___________ 5_Nights_SUMMER'17_____$1332.39___________ ***PETS_EXTRA_CALL_FIRST*800-610-0020*** __________________________ Maximum Occupancy: 10.
 145 V - Lake View Spa - 2BR/2ba *CU-32*
3_Night Memorial W/E ___$600.93___________ 7_Nights_SUMMER'17______$999.94___________ 5_Nights_SUMMER'17______$897.60___________ ***PETS_EXTRA_CALL_FIRST*800-610-0020*** ________________________ Maximum Occupancy: 4.
 209 C - Cooper Valley - 2BR/1ba *CU-41*
3_Night Memorial W/E ___$525.59___________ 7_Nights_SUMMER'17______$881.90___________ 5_Nights_SUMMER'17______$763.13___________ ***PETS_EXTRA_CALL_FIRST*800-610-0020*** __________________________ Maximum Occupancy: 5.
 211 S - Stone River - 2BR/2ba *CU-26*
3_Night Memorial W/E ___$695.00___________ 7_Nights_SUMMER'17_____$1074.20___________ 5_Nights_SUMMER'17______$947.80___________ ***PETS_EXTRA_CALL_FIRST*800-610-0020*** __________________________ Maximum Occupancy: 8.
 565 C - Currahee Point - 5BR/5ba *CU-36*
3_Nights_(WINTER_ONLY)_$1557.79___________ 7_Nights_SUMMER'17_____$3202.65___________ 5_Nights_SUMMER'17_____$2754.05___________ ***PETS_EXTRA_CALL_FIRST*800-610-0020*** __________________________ Maximum Occupancy: 22.
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