Horace Kellogg Homestead B & B

Phone: 413-253-4988
Email: stay@kellogghomestead.com

Thank you for choosing the Horace Kellogg Homestead. If the date(s) requested are available, the reservation service will automatically accept and save the dates. You don't need to wait for a confirmation from us although we will confirm back within 48 hours. If the dates are not available, the reservation service will respond back with this message:"Sorry, the system shows no availability for your arrival date and length of stay. Please select different dates or if your travel dates are fixed, call or email us directly, we may have availability not shown by the on-line reservation system." You can "Check Availability" anytime by clicking on the "Check Availability" button on our website. You can "Check Availability" now for the dates you need. I hope this information is helpful in making the search and reservation process quick and easy.
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