La Dauphine, Residence des Artistes

Phone: 504-948-2217

Once you enter your credit card and expiration date, you are booking here. You'll receive a confirmation within 24 hours. Bohemian atmosphere: having informal and unconventional social habits. synonyms: unconventional, nonconformist, unorthodox, avant-garde, irregular, offbeat, alternative. We are very strong opponents of trump. We, our neighborhood, and our city are a bastion of liberalism. There is no support here for white nationalism and racism. We welcome all but the intolerant. We live in a neighborhood that's almost like a Quaker village, non-violent, non-judgmental, tolerant and live and let live. Furor and rage are nowhere to be found. We live in harmony. Any threat is from others outside. We like to host guests who are similar, because we aim to keep our peace of mind. Check in time is from 2-10 pm. Check out time is at 11 am. The city of New Orleans passed a new law- starting July 1, 2016 -- all of us must collect 5% tax in addition to the room charge listed. So, for example, $109.00 plus 5% tax. Please DON'T stay here if you smoke a lot. You are NOT welcome here. There is ample free, on-street parking in front of the house. We prefer that HEAVY SMOKERS do not book here. We cannot re-rent the room for 3 days after they leave, as the room needs to be aired out for that long. Please DO NOT PHONE us to ask for fewer nights. The answer is NO. There is a 3 night minimum (sometimes more). No exceptions. Please respect our wishes. We will check our online schedule for the time frame you select and show you our availability. There are no kitchen privileges here, but you can heat up things in the microwave that you might have brought home from restaurants. Here is the most accurate and succint description of New Orleans that I have ever read, from September, 2016: New Orleans ranked #2 in U.S. for its unique culture. About New Orleans, Travel & Leisure magazine reports: New Orleans’ reputation looms large for a small city. Its music,
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