Lull-Abi Inn of Egg Harbor

Phone: 866-251-0749

Welcome to the Lull-Abi Inn availability and reservation system! Our availability shown here is "real-time". If a room is shown here it is available, there are no held back or hidden rooms. Enter your travel dates below to see the rooms available. We will respond to your reservation request as soon as possible. Please note that during the months of Nov-mid Apr our response time will not be immediate as we are closed. TWO NIGHT MINIMUM STAY (Fri.Sat)- Memorial Day Weekend and weekends from the last weekend in June to the end of October. THREE NIGHT MINIMUM STAY- 4th of July Holiday (unless on T/W/Th, then 2 nights), Labor Day Weekend, Pumpkin Patch Weekend (Columbus Day) If you request a shorter stay, it is subject to availability of the shortened stay. Thanks!
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