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Online Payments - Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you changing your policies on viewing/storing credit card numbers? Webervations offers Superior Customer Service - Free
We are always examining ways to improve our security. The new systems we've implemented, both with our processing partners and our new storage system, will hopefully limit the incidences of unauthorized disclosures.
What are some of the benefits of an integrated payment platform?
Efficiency! One of the most efficient ways to handle credit cards is to work through an integrated payment platform. Now is the best time to change your process to save time, and money with great processing rates. With a system like the integrated InnPayment processing you'll be using one of the most efficient systems available.
How does the credit card storage / retrieval system work if I do not use integrated processing?
If you are not using an integrated processing platform, when a guest books a reservation through your Webervations booking engine, the credit card data is encrypted and stored on a server that is not accessible over the Internet. The last four digits of the card and the expiration date can be found on the "review bookings" page. To retrieve the remaining digits, click on the "view card" button.
Will this change my process for booking reservations?
No. The only difference is that if you need to verify your identity in order to look up a credit card.
I take deposits for reservations. Is there any way to make this process easier?
Using one of our payment gateways is ideal if you take a deposit at the time of booking, because it saves you time and money over manually charging the card yourself. In addition, using a payment gateway will help to ensure that the card the guest entered is valid and has available credit at the time of booking.
Will this change affect my rates?
Because we've negotiated a special flat rate with InnPayment, in many cases, rates will go down. In addition, we are adding in support for credit card security codes (CVVs), which was not available previously. If you feel you are paying less for credit card processing now, our partners will take a look at a recent statement to see if there is any way to meet or beat your current processing rates.
What if I am already an InnPayment customer?
That's great - it is one less step for you to take. All existing InnPayment customers can continue to use InnPayment as they have done in the past, and fully integrate it into Webervations at the same rate with no additional charges at all. As we get closer to making the switch, we will be contacting all customers with specific instructions on how to setup new InnPayment accounts, or use existing accounts.
How does credit card processing work with InnPayment?
It works just like Intuit does today. If your Webervations account is set up to request a deposit at time of booking, then the deposit will be charged for you automatically. If it is not set up for deposits, then Webervations will store a "credit card token" which can be used to charge the card at a later time. A "virtual terminal" is available within your Webervations account to charge, refund, and void credit card transactions, and Webervations fully supports card swiping using a USB card swiper which plugs right into your computer. (Credit card swipers can be purchased for less than $100 - please contact our sales team at 866-565-1800 for more details). It is an easy-to-use method that should save you time and money.
Are there any contracts for InnPayment?
No, you can cancel at any time.
Is InnPayment able to reprogram an existing terminal? Can an innkeeper use a new terminal with InnPayment? If so, can they purchase these through you?
No, InnPayment does not support any standalone terminals.
What time do payments batch?
Payments batch (settle) at 3pm Pacific Time. With InnPayment, the batch time can be changed to whatever time you wish - once your account is set up we can assist you with this change.
Can we take advance deposits?
Are there any hidden fees?
What kind of support do the payment gateways offer?
Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from whichever payment processor you choose (InnPayment or Intuit).
Can I take Amex?
Yes. In some cases you will need to set up your account directly with American Express.
What processors does the Gateway work with?
The Gateway will work with virtually any processor as long as it is TSYS certified. However, for the best possible rates you should consider using InnPayment as your processor. InnPayment can do a rate comparison for you to see how much money you'll save.
Are there per transaction fees for the Gateway only option?
There is a monthly fee of $19.99 plus whatever fees your processor charges you.
Are there set up fees?
Is there a monthly minimum?
Is there a monthly fee?
No, unless you are using the "Gateway only" option which costs $19.99 per month.
How long until I receive my deposits?
Typically you will receive your deposit within 2 business days.
What if I need to charge the card again? I can't see the full card number.
You don't need the credit card number to charge the card. Simply select the card on file that you wish to charge, and process the payment.
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