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Webervations Credit Card Processing & Secure Payments Guide

Credit Card Processing

To learn more about processing credit card payments, see below. To learn more about looking up a credit card on file, click here.

1. If you charged a deposit for a reservation, then you can easily charge an additional amount to the card on file. Click the Virtual Terminal tab, and then select "Bookings" from the sub menu. Select "auth" or "charge" next to the booking you'd like to bill.

2. You'll now see the Auth or Charge screen, with all the payment information filled out. Note that "card on file" is selected. To complete the payment, just click Process Payment - no card # entry required.

3. To charge a card which is not already on file, click the "Charge" tab from the sub menu. Enter the card number and other details (required fields are in bold).

Credit Card on File

If you just need to look up the card information for a card on file, follow the steps below.

1. From the Home page, or from the Your Guests > Review Bookings page, open the detail page for a reservation.

2. Locate the "Credit Info" section and click the "View Card" link.

3. Verify your identity by answering the security questions. You do not have to answer these questions every time you want to view a card number during a session, but you must answer these questions each time you log out and log back in.

4. Once you have answered the security questions, the credit card type, number, expiration date, and name display.


You may also want to read the Webervations Online Payments FAQ.


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